Do you or a loved one suffer from Lymphoedema?

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage is an award winning technique that has been developed and researched for cancer patients with secondary lymphoedema by Sally Kay BSc (Hons). Clinical evidence has shown that RLD encourages the drainage of lymph fluid.

What to expect at your RLD treatment?

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage treatment is a unique sequence different from standard reflexology. 

Our therapist Andrea will measure the area of swelling before and after treatment. The therapist focuses on working the specific lymphatic reflexology points on the feet and/or hand to stimulate lymph fluid.  It is very gentle, non-invasive and incredibly relaxing. Most clients will have an immediate reduction in swelling and others following treatment. 

Reflexology Therapy

With regular treatments clients have noted to feel less pain and discomfort and an increase in mobility in fingers and arm or leg. They gain more confidence in themselves and their body.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

In addition to RLDs great success for clients with lymphoedema, there has been positive benefits for those who have auto-immune conditions. RLD can be used to reduce any swelling in the limbs associated with fluid retention, whether it is related to cancer surgery or not. RLD can help boost your lymphatic system and improve the symptoms of other conditions...

  • Arthritis​

  • Asthma​

  • Eczema​

  • Chronic Fatigue​

  • Fibromyalgia​

  • IBS​

  • Sinus conditions​​

  • Thyroid dysfunction

For more information on the ongoing research for women with secondary lymphoedema and RLD please click below: